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What you can expect to find: musings on Florida and it's former paradise, current pariah status; Southern things, lady things, beauty, worker’s rights, and whatever else gets stuck in my brain. Like most academics, I’ve got an anxiety disorder whose constant churn helps me find strange connections but also will keep me up for hours planning dinner parties for people I’m too embarrassed to ask over. Some essays will be personal, some more purely academic; the majority will be a mixture of both. Usually, these essays will be related to something happening in our shared cultural moment. Let me be that one friend who falls down research holes and then presents my findings—it’ll be just like high school, when I gave you a brief synopsis of 75 pages of Brighton Rock in the four-minute break between second and third period.

94-cover-for-preview-1 (1).jpg


November, 2017

short fiction, Image Journal no. 94

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